Standard Dial up Terms

In this document, "we" refers to Dubmaster Limited t/as Line9 Internet UK and "you" refers to the subscriber of the Standard Dial-Up Account

1. These Conditions of Use apply to the Line9 Internet UK Standard Dial-Up Account [which includes free dial-up services accessed at], irrespective of the country of issue. They may be revised at any time and without notice at the sole discretion of Line9 Internet UK. The use of a Standard Dial-Up Account is taken to be your agreement to adhere to the current Conditions of Use at any given time

2. You are required to adhere to these Conditions of Use. You are also required to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policies ("AUPs") that we publish from time to time for those components of the service that you use. If you breach them, we have the right at our sole discretion to suspend or terminate your account without notice or refund, to make an additional charge for the misuse, or to block access to the relevant component of the service

3. You have subscribed to our service on an annual basis with automatic renewal. We require payment in advance of service, and therefore you must pay for each year of service at the start of that year. If we wish, we may offer you the concession of paying monthly at the start of each month of service. Please note that no invoice or receipt will be sent if you opt for this concession. All products and services are made as a single supply; your account may be suspended or closed if any sum due for a product or service is unpaid or is in arrears

4. You may cancel the service at any time, provided that you give us notice at least 30 days (90 days for full ISDN connections) before the date you wish your service to stop; if a payment falls due during those 30 days, we will still require payment. If you cancel after the 21 day money back guarantee period, there will be no refunds given

5. Except where stated otherwise, you must send us notice in one of the following ways:
by post,
by fax,
by email from your Dial-Up Account, or
by email from elsewhere
Please ensure notice includes your Line9 e-mail address

6. You may only access the machines and the specific ports listed in the current List of Service Machines. Any other use of Line9 Internet UK equipment is unauthorised and is a criminal offence under current UK Law

7. Line9 Internet UK reserves the right to suspend or cancel any account at its sole discretion.

8. You are required to keep the contact details that you provided us up to date(this includes postal address, contact number and any debit / credit details supplied). We may send notices or other information to you at the address you gave us. We will not pass these details to other companies

9. We will use our reasonable endeavours to maintain all our services. You will not be eligible for any compensation because you cannot use the service or because of a failure, suspension or withdrawal of all or part of the service. We may change the service at any time

10. Regardless of anything else in these Conditions of Use, our liability shall not exceed the proportionate amount of your subscription

11. We shall not be liable for any consequential losses you may suffer

12. We are not responsible for any use you make of Line9 Internet's services, for any charges that you incur with any third party, nor for any software running on your host, except as documented within a separate written agreement or AUP. You indemnify Line9 Internet UK against the effects of any misuse or any claims resulting from that misuse

13. You will keep your passwords and will not disclose them to third parties for any purpose. You will notify us and change any password which you believe may have been compromised

14. You will not use the account for any illegal purpose

15. You will not sell on or share use of the service, or any part of it, with any other person except:
members of your household at the same address,
your employer or employees at the same address,
any person permitted in the appropriate AUP, or
where specifically agreed with us in writing

16. Where you use our service to reach networks and services not operated by us, you will abide by the AUPs, Terms and Conditions imposed by the operators of those networks and services

17. Any decision made by Line9 Internet UK in relation to the services provided, Conditions of Use and AUPs shall be final

18. These Conditions of Use and all other legal relationships between us shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law, and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts

19. If any part of these Conditions of Use or any AUP shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the enforceability of any other provision of these Conditions of Use or AUPs